Project 2020 Summit Focuses on the Future of Olentangy

Olentangy’s Project 2020 committee held a two-day summit in January to gather stakeholder input on developing a more sustainable and cost-efficient environment for managing future student enrollment growth.
During the past 23 years, student enrollment has skyrocketed – growing from 1,979 in 1990 to 17,500 students in 2013. During that time, Olentangy has grown from a one-school district to a district with 23 school buildings.

As we approach the year 2020, a change is on the horizon. For the first time in recent history, projections show that the district’s enrollment will begin to level out in the next ten years. That begs the question – should the last years of fast-paced growth be handled in a different way? Can technology and new delivery models allow Olentangy to continue to provide an excellent quality of education to an increased number of students without increasing the number of traditional school buildings?

The Project 2020 committee has been studying this important question for more than a year by working with academic leaders, student groups and the district’s volunteer committees. During the two-day summit, staff and community members delved into the changing landscape of education and discussed how new technology and a focus on college and career readiness are creating alternatives to the traditional classroom delivery model. They also weighed in with thoughts on several facility options including different ways to utilize current facilities, adding on to existing facilities and utilizing non-traditional classroom space.
Stakeholder feedback from the summit will be incorporated into the Project 2020 committee’s findings report to the Olentangy Board of Education this spring.