OLMS Students Get Career Advice From Professionals

Students at Olentangy Liberty Middle School are learning what it’s like to work as a firefighter, dentist, veterinarian, and a news anchor by hearing first-hand from professionals in those fields.

Olentangy Liberty Middle School’s first-ever Career Day, being held through February 13, features guest speakers discussing what a typical workday is like for them. The format, which resembles a talk show with both a host and a guest, allows students to ask the professionals how they got into their chosen fields and what classes they took to get there.

Career Day kicked off February 3 with Dr. Debbie Heidrich from Best Friends Veterinary Hospital and motivational speaker John Petz. Other guests include Liberty Township Fire Captain James Reardon, Ryan Miller of M2 Marketing and co-founder of Second and Seven Foundation, orthodontist Dr. Larry Hutta, Channel 10 news anchor Tracy Townsend, Ron Stokes, president of Three Leaf Productions and radio analyst for OSU basketball.

The event will conclude February 13 with a presentation from Lindsay Lake, assistant director of admissions for Otterbein University, and Jennifer Markovich, admissions counselor with The Ohio State University.


Dr. Larry Hutta, of Hutta Orthodontics, describes what it’s like to be a dentist while speaking to students participating in Olentangy Liberty Middle School’s Career Days. The event allowed students to hear from various professionals in different career fields. Guest speakers included a Liberty Township firefighter, a veterinarian, and a news anchor. The students also heard from college admission counselors.