Olentangy Earns High Marks on State Report Card

Olentangy Local Schools met all performance indicators and received an all-time high Performance Index (PI) score on the Ohio Department of Education’s newly released 2012–2013 School Report Cards

“We’re extremely pleased with the overall performance of our students and we’re happy to have received all A’s and B’s on the new state report card,” said Olentangy Local Schools Superintendent Wade Lucas, Ed. D. “But we also know there’s more work to be done. Olentangy has a history of setting and meeting high expectations and we’re not going to be satisfied until we have all A’s.”

The results are based on the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) new report card system, which assigns A-F letter grades in up to nine performance areas. The composite letter grades will not begin to be issued to schools or districts until the 2014-15 school year. Prior report cards assessed schools and districts mostly on achievement test results and rated them using descriptors such as “Excellent” or “Academic Watch.” The state eliminated those ratings and moved to more commonly understood letter grades.

The new report card is also designed to be more in-depth, allowing school administrators to better pinpoint areas where additional attention may be needed. “We’re still in the process of drilling down deeper into the individual building scores, and we know there will be areas of improvement there where we can focus our efforts,” Lucas said.

The report card’s performance indicators show how many students have a minimum, or proficient, level of knowledge based on a series of tests that measure the level of achievement for each student in a grade and subject. Starting this school year, school districts must have 80 percent of their students reach proficient or better to meet an indicator. Olentangy Local Schools earned an overall 107.5 Performance Index score, a record high for the district.

The district as a whole also performed well in the value-added and progress sub-group categories, including the scores generated by gifted students, students with disabilities and students in the lowest 20 percent of achievement statewide. Olentangy students showed above-expected growth in these categories, earning an A in both the students with disabilities and lowest 20 percent of achievement categories. The district received a B letter grade in the gifted students category.

The components of the new report card include Indicators Met, Performance Index, Value Added, Annual Measurable Objectives, and four and five year graduation rates.

Performance Indicators A
Performance Index B
Value Added (All Students) A
Value Added (Gifted Students) B
Value Added (Students with Disabilities) A
Value Added (Students in the Lowest 20%) A
Graduation Rate
4-Year Graduation Rate A
5-Year Graduation Rate A
Gap Closing
Annual Measurable Objectives B