Olentangy Board of Education – December 13 Meeting Preview

When: Thursday, December 13 at 6 p.m.
Where: Olentangy’s administrative offices, 814 Shanahan Road, Suite 100 in Lewis Center
Agenda and Exhibits

* Glen Oak Elementary School students will discuss their participation in the Columbus Museum of Art Lego Contest.
* Olentangy High School teacher Sarah Zwick will discuss her studies in Finland and Sweden.

Board President’s Report – Board of Education President Dave King will lead the board selecting a president pro-tem for the January 2013 organizational meeting.

Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Lucas will update the board on district events and agenda items.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Rebecca Jenkins will provide an update on events pertaining to the district’s finances.

Discussion Items:
* Project 2020 Committee Update – Chairperson Martin Johnson will summarize the committee’s research regarding building capacity, educational delivery methods and community feedback. Mr. Johnson will also discuss plans for a Project 2020 Summit in January of 2013.
* Capital Improvements – Jeff Gordon, business manager, will present a plan for the capital improvement projects to take place between now and the start of the 2013-14 school year.
* Second reading of board policy updates (Exhibit A) – Assistant Superintendent Linda Martin will discuss draft policy updates in areas including diversity, holidays and patriotic observances. These proposed updates are part of a regular review of board policy.

Treasurer’s Action Items Include:
* Approve resolution of the issuance of bonds for the purpose of advance refunding a portion of the bonds issued in February 2006 (Exhibit B) – if passed, this resolution would enable the district to take advantage of a potential refunding opportunity that would provide significant savings to the district.
* Donations to the district – the Johnnycake Corners Elementary School (JCES) PTO is donating various technology items and the Olentangy High School (OHS) softball booster group is donating a sound system for the softball field.

Superintendent’s Action Items Include:
* Teacher resignation
* Establish FRC Robotics Club at all three high schools (Exhibit E)
* Approve updates to board policy (Exhibit A)

Public Participation:
This business meeting will have two public participation sessions. The first session is for general comments on topics not being considered as action items. Community members wishing to share general comments must complete a public participation form and submit it to Treasurer Rebecca Jenkins before the start of the meeting. This second session is for comments on action items. To participate in this session, community members must complete a public participation form and submit it to Treasurer Rebecca Jenkins before the action items portion of the meeting.

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