Information on Wednesday’s Precautionary Lockdown at Several Buildings

January 23, 2013

Dear Olentangy families,

Olentangy’s eight school buildings located west of the river spent part of the day in a precautionary lockdown due to a police situation on that side of the district.  Our partners at the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office alerted the district they were searching for a man with outstanding warrants and advised that a level one lockdown would be appropriate for the buildings closest to man’s last known location.

For clarification, a precautionary – or level one – lockdown means schools further restrict entrance to and exit from the buildings, increase scrutiny of visitors, and restrict student activity outside the buildings.  From the student/teacher perspective, all activities continue as normal inside the building.

Throughout the day, deputies provided updates on their search and alerted the district that the warrants were for non-violent offenses such as disorderly conduct and O.V.I.  The Sheriff’s Office advised us to keep precautionary lockdown procedures in place throughout the remainder of the school day and had deputies assist with dismissal by having a patrol car in the vicinity of every affected school.  At this time we have been advised to resume normal security procedures tomorrow, which include keeping exterior doors locked.  We will continue to stay in close contact with the Sheriff’s Office.

Thank you to all of our families for their cooperation and to the Sheriff’s Office for its continued partnership in our efforts to keep students and staff safe.

Mark Raiff
Executive Director of Academics

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