Illustrator Steve Harpster Visits OCES

Illistrator Steve Harpster visited Oak Creek Elementary to bring his love of drawing and unique style of fun to all grade levels.  During his visit, the children sat drawing crazy animals with pencils and clipboards while Harpster explained how to construct funny drawings from alphabet letters.  His illustrations have appeared in more than one hundred children’s books and on everything from beach balls to T-shirts.  He has also authored several instructional books about his craft including Drawing Monsters with Letters, Drawing Animals with Numbers, and Drawing Sea Animals with Numbers. Author/ Illustrator visits such as these explain the need for the steps in the writing/illustrating process such as thinking, drafting, revising, proofreading and publishing. Mr. Harpster, who lives with his family in Clintonville, donated his time to OCES  because he enjoys visiting local school children to teach them the the fun of exploring creativity through drawing.