OLHS Students Camp out for History Project

By 5 a.m. on Friday, October 5, more than 60 Olentangy Liberty High School Students were lined up outside of the school.  They weren’t waiting to buy tickets to a concert or a playoff game.  They were waiting to select the topic for a research project.

This is the tenth year of a research project led by OLHS teacher Peter Krosnosky called History Vs. Hollywood.  Mr. Krosnosky’s goal is to get students to understand Hollywood can sometimes take liberties with the facts when presenting a film about a historical event.  Students investigate the era, culture and events on which the film is based and evaluate the accuracy of the film by presenting a research paper.  Students camp out to have first choice of the movie they would like to research.  The research goes on all fall and winter and by January, one-hundred twenty students will present their research to noted dignitaries in education and the arts.