Why Olentangy Uses Calamity Days

We would like to clarify the reason that Olentangy is using the calamity day system, as opposed to hours of instruction: The state law giving school districts the ability to switch to an hour-based system and eliminate calamity days does not apply to districts that had a multi-year negotiated agreement in place prior to July 1, 2014, when the law was passed. Olentangy’s current bargaining agreement was executed in the spring of 2012 and runs through June of 2016. Therefore, state law directs districts that are in a current bargaining agreement, such as Olentangy, to follow the requirements outlined in their current negotiated agreement regarding the number of days in a school year, including calamity days.

Calamity Day Update

The February 19 closure marks the Olentangy Local School District’s fifth calamity day of this school year. As a reminder, should the district use more than five calamity days, students will be required to complete online Blizzard Bag assignments beginning with the sixth calamity day. Should it become necessary, students should follow these directions to access the online assignments.