Individual Professional Development Plan

How do I submit?

Make and keep copies of the paperwork you submit.

When do I need to submit it?

Once you’ve received your new license, you must have an IPDP on file by November 30 of the same year.


Issue date of license = July 1, 2012

Due date of IPDP = November 30, 2012

New Staff:

  • Transfer from another district in the Delaware/Union ESC – submit a copy of your approved plan.
  • Transfer from another district
  • Multiple Certificates
    • Make your plan general enough to cover all certificates/licenses in one IPDP

What does an approved IPDP include?

Three to five measurable goals that address:

  • Student achievement
  • Your buildings’ goal
  • The District Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)
    • Activities that relate to the goals and are measurable

To download forms and check individual certification, please visit the ODE website at

Complete your IPDP online with MyPDC

Documents in PDF:
  • Certificate Conversion Checklist
  • Approved Professional Development Providers
  • Other Approved Professional Development Activities
  • Certifications Options Flowchart
  • Two Year Early/Middle Childhood Flowchart
  • Two Year License Flowchart
  • Maintaining Credentials
  • CEU/Semester Conversion Chart