Intra-district Transfers

Intra-district transfer applications

Intra-District Transfer is a term used to describe Olentangy’s petition process for those parents or guardians who wish to request that their child attend a school other than their assigned school within the district.

Intra-District transfer forms are handled by the New Student Welcome Center. Each form is carefully considered and we attempt to honor requests. In reviewing these requests, several factors are considered.

Among the factors considered, is that the needs of the students in the building are accommodated. In addition, we review the available space within the classrooms and the corresponding staffing needs. Equal consideration is given to students on Individual Education Plans (IEP) although transfers are not granted solely on this factor.

Any student wishing to participate in extra-curricular activities including athletics and who have applied for an Intra-District Transfer should participate in the programs offered at their assigned school until a decision is made. In addition, the parents of these students should be aware of OHSAA rules on eligibility and Olentangy Board of Education Policy 5113.01, which states in part:

Because of the tremendous complexity of an intradistrict transfer for a high school student, it is critical that parameters be established for such transfers. Below are the parameters to be followed and understood by all parties concerned regarding the intradistrict transfer of a high school student.

A. Should an intradistrict transfer be approved, the District will consider the transfer to be valid for the remainder of the student’s high school career, the student’s extracurricular athletic eligibility will be denied for one (1) year. 
B. Should a high school student, for whom an intradistrict transfer has been approved, decide for any reason to switch back to the high school in which attendance zone that student resides, that student will be ineligible for athletic participation for one (1) year as well.

Intra-District Transfers are only valid for one school year with the exception of high school students for whom an Intra-District Transfer is valid for the entire duration of the child’s high school career. If a request is granted, the district does not provide transportation services.

For additional information regarding the Intra-District Transfer process, please contact the New Student Welcome Center at 740-657-4030.

**Due to many factors, including staffing decisions and allocation of resources, requests made after the deadlines below will not be approved**

 For the 2015-16 School Year Due Date Decision after date
High School 3/20/2015 3/27/2015
Middle School 3/20/2015 3/27/2015
Elementary 7/06/2015  8/3/2015