Gifted Services

The Olentangy Local Schools Gifted Services Program provides gifted and talented students with the opportunity to enhance cognitive, learning, research and communication skills by providing challenging opportunities through a differentiated learning program. Gifted specialists and classroom teachers encourage gifted and talented students to maximize their potential by accepting  opportunities to stretch their thinking through rigorous curriculum, gaining the necessary skills to become self-directed, college and career ready students.


Please visit the Enrichment Opportunities link to view information about upcoming Olentangy and Central Ohio camps, activities, and events to support gifted students!

Please view the Frequently Asked Question link for additional information regarding gifted identification and service criteria.

Inklings Writing Competition Finalists!
Olentangy students in grades 3-8 participated in the first ever, district sponsored writing competition.  Students entered submissions in poetry, fiction, and non-fiction to be evaluated by a panel of judges.  Please click the link to view the award winning finalists!  Inklings Finalists

Winners and other finalists will be recognized at the Inklings Awards Ceremony at Shanahan Middle School on May 4 at 6:30 p.m.  Questions?  Contact

Enrich Columbus
Enrich Columbus is a local organization that keeps families connected about upcoming enrichment activities for your children via their once-a-month e-mail newsletter sharing upcoming events.  View additional details on the Enrich Columbus Web site.

Seminars for Parents of Gifted Students
During two seminars at Olentangy, Susan Rakow, Ph.D. presented information and strategies for parents of gifted children. The information shared with parents at the October and January presentations is available at the links below.

March 2015
Olentangy Young Gifted Students
Olentangy Older Students and Teens
Different Drummers and Different Summers: Young Gifted Children
Different Drummers and Different Summers: Gifted Children and Teens

January 2015
Olentangy Parents Young Gifted Students
Olentangy Parents of Older Students and Teens

October 2014
Olentangy Young Children
Olentangy Teens and Children
Olentangy Parents of Young Gifted Students
Olentangy Parents of Older Students and Teens

Survey Cover Image

2014 Gifted Services Program Survey Results
In January 2014, we conducted a parent survey regarding many aspects of gifted programming within the district. The survey went out to over 7,000 parents of children who have one or more areas of gifted identification, and 957 responses were collected. Parents of gifted learners were asked a variety of questions to gauge understanding of identification procedures, district services, and communication. Click the image link to review a snapshot of these results.